The Cosy Leggings

Where it all began for Hero Cashmere! We have been testing these out for the last year and the jury is in: people love them, and they’re not just for women :-)

Our non-gendered or unisex leggings make for great base layers as well as smart leggings. High waisted and flattering, wear them as underwear or outerwear.

Unlike most of our products, they contain a small amount of Lycra to stop them going baggy at the knees. The Lycra helps them keep their shape makes them last longer. These are quite thick and do not have the 'floaty' feel of the joggers.


Order them like you would order tights, base layers or thermals, taking your height and dress size into account.

The leggings look small but they stretch to fit your body shape over time. The waistband is designed to be modified, depending on the desired fit. The internal elasticated waistband can be removed or replaced via a small hole beside the label if you would like to make them a bit looser for lounging.

Our products are not mass-produced therefore some size variation is possible. If you think you are between sizes, let us know your measurements and we can pick out the best pair for you or send you two to try.

If you think you will need a different size altogether, please contact us about pre-ordering.

93% Mongolian cashmere & 7% Lycra

Made by a small producer in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Cashmere Leggings

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