About our cashmere

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The Cosiest Cashmere

Due to its extreme climate, Mongolia produces some of the highest quality cashmere. Winter temperatures drop to -40C which means that all of our 100% natural cashmere has been tested to the limits!
The harsh climate results in a wonderfully soft undercoat. Mongolian goats produce some of the thinnest and longest fibres in the world. The thinner the fibres, the warmer and softer the cashmere feels. The longer the fibres, the less pilling or bobbling. 


natural colours

Mongolia is the only country to produce 4 natural cashmere colours. The herders in the north of the country produce mainly a black goat. The east is home to red goats. Further south, where the environment becomes less harsh, the goats tend to be more of a white or beige colour. The world’s most rare natural cashmere colour, a warm grey, comes uniquely from Mongolia and represents only 2% of total Mongolian cashmere production. We are one of the few companies with access to this rare colour.

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Produced in Mongolia

Approximately 90% of Mongolian raw cashmere is sold to brokers, most of whom sell to Chinese-owned processing companies. Global demand for cheap cashmere drives overgrazing in exchange for poor return, the effects of which are felt in Mongolia at social and environmental levels. We keep production in Mongolia so that the country can benefit. This also allows us to showcase great designers who are often overlooked.

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Combed by hand, never sheared

The only way to provide a cruelty-free product is to hand-comb the goats. This must be done at the end of the winter when they no longer require their extra warm undercoats. Summer temperatures are as extreme as winter ones so the goats really do need to be combed!



'slow fashion'

Hero Cashmere offers a capsule collection of loungewear in easy-to-wear colours. These classic pieces are intended to stay in your wardrobe for years to come. Cashmere should not be cheap. It takes fibre from approximately four goats to produce one cashmere sweater and keeping those goats is no easy task. Herding is a livelihood. If your cashmere is cheap you should be asking why.

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Working with 

local SMEs

Hero Cashmere is teaming up with small Mongolian producers to create garments that are 100% Mongolian-produced. Working with small suppliers gives us more say and we can make sure our ethical values align. By working with SMEs we are finding real talent in local designers too.



The cashmere products we see on our high streets are often mixed with fibres of other origin. Hero Cashmere uses cashmere of Mongolian origin only. Our Natural undyed items owe their beautiful colours to the native Mongolian goats. We include a small amount of Lycra in our socks and leggings to improve fit and durability, but other than that we are all about 100% Mongolian cashmere.


Looking to

the future

We are a new business so we cannot tell you much about the great things we have done so far, but we can tell you what we are working towards. The global coronavirus pandemic has halted our visits to Mongolia and made trading more difficult but as soon as it is safe to do so we will be back there, looking for ways to get involved with local initiatives and charities. Follow us on Instagram for progress updates and please contact us with your suggestions.

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