Shepherd's Delight, Mongolian Sky, Egg Yolk, Irn Blu, Mist, Earl Grey and Charcoal... names chosen by our Instagram followers!

Unlike regular socks which tend to be sized in jumps of four or five sizes, these are sized in jumps of just two sizes so that the fibres are not overstretched and keep their shape. We have included a small amount of Lycra for optimum fit and durability because 100% cashmere socks tend to pill badly from friction and become loose and baggy over time. The Lycra helps them keep their shape and last longer.


Recommended for light wear and not for running marathons. You wouldn't wrap a cashmere jumper round your feet and go for a hike so don't do it in these!


If you are between sizes or wear a men's size, we recommend you size 'up'.

93% Mongolian cashmere & 7% Lycra

Made by a small producer in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Lounging Socks

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