Why Hero?

The capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar, which literally translates as 'Red Hero'.  

What's more, 'Hero' encapsulates everything we value.
Supporting traditional Mongolian nomadic culture, making a positive impact on the Mongolian economy, showcasing Mongolian design talent... we want to make a difference while highlighting the wonderful attributes of the fibre itself. 

HERO values

Honouring tradition
Working with local people
Revering nature and animals
Environmentally conscious

HERO fibre

Luxurious natural fibre
Warmth and comfort
Lightweight and practical
Bacteria and odour resistant

HERO process

100% Mongolian cashmere  
All production in Mongolia
Product journey is minimised
Positive economic impact

HERO fashion

'Slow' fashion
Classic styles, classic colours
Less washing, less detergent
Know your clothes!

Behind the brand

Hero Cashmere was founded by a Scottish traveller to Mongolia who took the advice of the locals:

"Buy cashmere leggings if you want to beat the cold!"

Amazed by the ability of the garment to keep her cosy at -40°C, an obsession with the noble fibre was born. This developed into a mission to create a range of 100% Mongolian produced cashmere loungewear.

For more on her journey, follow the Hero Cashmere Instagram account.